Dynein Regualtory Complex
Info Page Total Peptides Axo Count M+M Count KCl Count Terg Count TM Helices, Lipid Mod 30 Min DeFlag (Fold Δ) XAP5 (Fold Δ) Human Homolog Gene and Aliases ChlamyFPv5 Annotation References: Annotation v5.6 Description
Cre12.g515200.t1.2 4 1 0 0 3 0 6.25 FBXL13 DRC6; FAP169 DRC6 (FAP169), dynein regulatory complex 6 (Bower et al. Porter 2013)(Lin et al. Nicastro 2011) DRC6  |  Flagellar Associated Protein, found in the flagellar proteome
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