Centriole; Central Apparatus
Info Page Total Peptides Axo Count M+M Count KCl Count Terg Count 30 Min DeFlag (Fold Δ) XAP5 (Fold Δ) Human Homolog Gene and Aliases ChlamyFPv5 Annotation References: Annotation v5.6 Description
Cre17.g724550.t1.2 8 0 2 3 3 6 SSNA1 DIP13; NA14 DIP13, Deflagellation Inducible Protein; 13KD; Similar to Sjoegren syndrome nuclear autoantigen Candidate Central Apparatus protein (Zhao et al. Witman 2019); (Pfannenschmid et al. Mages 2003); Centriolar Protein (Hamel et al. Gonczy 2017) DIP13  |  Deflagellation inducible protein, 13 kDa [gi:4689324, PMID: 12643]; found in the flagellar proteome; similar to Sjogren's syndrome nuclear autoantigen 1; 13KD
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