The Chlamydomonas Flagellar Proteome Project
All Transcripts Containing The Peptide LGGAPAGPAGTGKTETTK
Transcript Fraction Peptide Sequence ChlamyFPv5 Annotation Phytozome Defline
Cre02.g141606.t1.1C05LGGAPAGPAGTGKTETTK"DHC9, Axonemal Dynein Heavy Chain 9""Flagellar inner arm dynein heavy chain, dynein c (monomeric)"
Cre09.g392282.t1.1C05LGGAPAGPAGTGKTETTK"DHC2, Axonemal Dynein Heavy Chain 2""Dynein heavy chain 2, inner arm dynein d (monomeric)"
Cre09.g403800.t1.2C05LGGAPAGPAGTGKTETTK"DHC14 (ODA-DHCbeta), Outer Arm Dynein Heavy Chain beta""Flagellar outer arm dynein heavy chain beta, involved in circadian rhythms"
Cre12.g484250.t1.1C05LGGAPAGPAGTGKTETTK"DHC1 (IA1-DHC1a), Inner Arm Dynein I1/f Heavy Chain alpha"Flagellar inner arm dynein 1 heavy chain alpha (I1/f alpha)
Cre12.g555950.t1.2C05LGGAPAGPAGTGKTETTK"DHC11, Axonemal Dynein Heavy Chain 11""Putative flagellar inner arm dynein heavy chain, novel minor type dynein (monomeric)"
Cre14.g627576.t1.1C05LGGAPAGPAGTGKTETTK"DHC7, Axonemal Dynein Heavy Chain 7""(1 of 2) PTHR10676:SF136 - DYNEIN HEAVY CHAIN 6, AXONEMAL"