The Chlamydomonas Flagellar Proteome Project
Cre10.g429750.t1.1 | FAP417 | FAP417, PAS Domain Flagellar Associated Protein 417
Aliases: FAP417
Structure: Central Apparatus
Human Homolog: (no data)
Community Annotation
v5.6 Gene Name & Defline: NULL | NULL
Description: NULL
Synonyms: g10616.t1
CLIP Library: Cre10.g429750
Phytozome Transcript: Cre10.g429750.t1.1
CrFP Total Peptides (Pazour et al. Witman 2005) = 0 | 0 Axonemal Peptides | 0 M+M Peptides | 0 KCl Peptides | 0 Tergitol Peptides
Wang Peptides (Wang et al. Pan 2017) = (no data) (enriched (no data) fold by ciliary shortening)
Jordan Peptides (Jordan et al. Pigino 2018) = Wild Type M+M: 8 | Dhc1b-3 M+M: 7 | Ift139-2 M+M: 6 (Total Unique Peptides)
Picariello Peptides (Picariello et al. Witman 2019) = Wild Type M+M: 15 | Ift140 ΔN-terminal WD repeat M+M: 2 (Total Unique Peptides)
Zhao Central Apparatus Project (Zhao et al. Witman 2019) = Wild Type Axo: 132 | Pf18 Axo: 57 (Total Unique Peptides, summed from two biological replicates for each. Proteins found only in this dataset needed 10 or more peptides to be included)
Dai Central Apparatus Project (Dai et al. Bui 2019) = Wild Type Axo: (no data) | Pf6 Axo: (no data) | Pf16 Axo: (no data) | Cpc1 Axo: (no data) | Fap52 Axo: (no data)
Gene Expression
Fold Upregulated Post Deflagellation (Albee et al. Dutcher 2013) at 3 min: (no data) | at 10 min: (no data) | at 30 min: (no data) | at 60 min: (no data)
Importance of XAP5 for expression (Li et al. Hu 2018): Wild Type:(no data) FPKM | XAP Mutant:(no data) FPKM | (no data) Fold Change.
Structural Motifs
Phosphopeptides Identified From This Protein
All Peptides Found From This Protein
Fractions Analyzed