The Chlamydomonas Flagellar Proteome Project
ChlamyFPv5 (gene name | annotation): FAP324 | "FAP324, Flagellar Associated Protein 324"
Aliases: FAP324
CrFP Total Peptides = 5 (0 Axonemal Peptides | 0 M+M Peptides | 4 KCl Peptides | 1 Tergitol Peptides)
Wang Peptides (Wang et al. Pan 2017) = 2 (enriched 0.97 fold by ciliary shortening)
Phytozome (gene name | defline): |
Annotation v5.6 Symbol | Defline: FAP324 | Flagellar Associated Protein 324
Annotation v5.6 Description: May contain additional coding sequence in intronic N-island (Tulin & Cross, G3: GENES, GENOMES, GENETICS▀July 1, 2016▀vol. 6▀no. 7▀1899-1910;
Annotation v5.6 Synonyms: g9020.t1
Steve King Dynein Anotation: |
Yuqing Hou's Human Homologs: none, , (Blast E value: | Reprocal Best Match? )
Albee et al. Dutcher 2013 Human Homolog: ,
Lipid Modifications (N-Myristoylation: MGXXXS/T, S-Geranylgeranylation: CAAX , S-Geranylgeranylation: CC/CXC, S-Farnesylation: CAAX predicted by GPS-Lipid):
Fold Upregulated Post Deflagellation (Albee et al. Dutcher 2013) at 3 min: 1.09; at 10 min: 2.87; at 30 min: 3.43; at 60 min: 1.62
Importance of XAP5 for expression (Li et al. Hu 2018) Wild Type: FPKM | XAP Mutant: FPKM | Fold Change:
CLIP Library: Cre08.g383101
Phytozome Transcript: Cre08.g383101.t1.1
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